The Governor has apparently tried to say that tenants will suffer; this is illogical, and a lame excuse. Obviously, the first investment most of us make is in a primary residence. If we save $500 a year on those taxes, that helps us pay taxes on rental property. I own a rental home The market and competition set rents. They can move if I raise their rent above market Im more likely to do that if the State raises the tax on my residence more or does not provide the tax relief measure over 800,000 Floridians signed a petition to request. Or I may sell, and

Low interest rates translate to more homeowners, fewer tenants. More buyers qualify, rates and payments low. Therefore, more homes sell. Demand means home prices have increased more in the past 2-3 years than ever. Sale prices set taxable value. When homes stay in the same ownership for many years, the benefit of Save Our Homes (cap on tax increases for Homestead property) rules is realized. When they sell, all bets are off and the home is taxed based on sale price. The state, counties & cities are getting Huge revenue increases and can well afford to cut us a tiny bit of extra slack by doubling Homestead exemption.


Ive served on the Value Adjustment Boards of Miami-Dade, Broward & Palm Beach counties, hearing Tax Appeals cases as a Special Master. I am familiar with ad valorem taxation, and am available for appeals. I saw too many senior citizens unable to pay their taxes I dont buy that the state will go broke from a $500/yr cut. Thats kind of like the story we were sold to get us to go for the Lottery. Then they took away federal funds! 









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